The climate and carbon emergency is a source of innovation. ClimateView, 2050’s 4th investment in a Swedish climate tech

3 min readFeb 23, 2022


By Olivier Mathiot for 2050.

As COP26 starts, 2050 announces its investment in Swedish climate tech ClimateView, a 4th investment to craft a fertile future.

ClimateView’s focus is on cities and the public and governmental sector, which is a BtoG (Business to Government) strategy, complementary to the BtoB strategy led for example by Sweep (another 2050 investment).

On August 9th of this year, the last IPCC report was published, confirming that human activities are directly responsible for global warming. Since its first publications in 1990, 1000 billion tons of CO2 have been emitted. In all emission scenarios, we will exceed the global warming threshold of +1.5°C. With this report, carbon neutrality goes from being a priority to a necessity. COP26 provides a new opportunity for policymakers to state and commit to credible net-zero strategies.

It is particularly urgent for cities to develop their own decarbonation plans. As demographic, economic and political centers, cities have a crucial role to play in reducing global CO2 emissions and the Swedish start-up ClimateView can help them do it. Its ClimateOS software platform enables cities to translate words into actions, by building their optimal transition plans, taking into account both economic and environmental data.

Tomer Shalit, founder and Chief Product Officer at ClimateView, said:

“Cities have to cut carbon fast, but it’s hard to see how to meet their commitments while maintaining a thriving economy. ClimateOS enables them to accelerate climate action, helping them identify their best route to net zero, make the right investments, and manage a successful transition in one living climate action plan.”

Aicha Ben Dhia, who led the investment at 2050, summarizes our thesis as follows:

“Through its low-carbon investment strategy, 2050 wants to enable every actor — individuals, companies, public sector — to achieve its net-zero transition with ambition, efficiency and pragmatism. ClimateView fits perfectly into this strategy, providing cities with the compass and action plan they need to act optimally and at scale.”

As a driver and catalyst of economic transformations through finance, 2050 supports organizations in key stages of their decarbonization journey:

  • Increase awareness around global warming
  • Measure and monitor greenhouse gas emissions
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Capture and reuse atmospheric CO2.

2050 invests in tools that work as technological catalysts, such as ClimateView (BtoG, SaaS for cities and countries) or Sweep (BtoB SaaS, which is 2050’s second investment). In this way, 2050 contributes to fastening the net-zero transition and to craft a fertile future.

ClimateView, a Swedish startup, is also the first international investment in 2050’s portfolio.

ClimateView was founded by Tomer Shalit. A former consultant in organizational management and agile methodology, Tomer wanted to leverage his skills and experience to contribute to the climate transition. He was joined by Einar Bödstrom, founder of the sustainable textile brand Asket, and Jeff Goens, who brings financial and managerial expertise from the United States.

2050 is proud to participate in ClimateView’s €10M Series A, and realize its mission to invest in companies that align their economic interests with those of society and the planet. This international round is co-led by the Japanese-Nordic fund NordicNinja and the German fund CommerzVentures. The Swedish foundation Norrsken and the American Gaingels also participated in the round.




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