Olivier is in!

By Marie Ekeland for 2050.

2050 is being built step by step. Each of them impulses life and energy. Each of them brings us closer to our goal. Olivier Mathiot’s joining our team is a big one.

So, Olivier is in. He too is driven by a fierce desire to craft a fertile future. He too sees the depth of the social and environmental mutations in progress. He too understands the opportunities they create as well as the need for disruptive innovation to seize them. He too analyses today’s world and imagines tomorrow’s, and ventures to put his thoughts into action. He too navigates with empathy and curiosity diverse worlds and cultures to build bridges and find solutions. Just like us all, Aicha, Anne-Lise, Aude, Charly, Meyha and me.

But he alone has already co-founded a company that was sold to a Japanese champion for several hundred million dollars, has experienced hyper-growth from the inside, has steered a several hundred million euros business, has managed teams of hundreds of people across Europe, and invested in over 45 startups as a business angel. And we will greatly need his experience, talent, and culture to tailor our disruptive investment model as closely as possible to founders’ needs, and to operate 2050 at scale and realize our ambition fully.

Thank you, Olivier, for bringing us closer to our goal, to this fertile future we wish to finance. It is sheer bliss to have you with us.




Crafting a fertile future. Starting with finance.

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Crafting a fertile future. Starting with finance.

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