“Live & explore sustainably” : Sweep, 2050’s second investment

2 min readFeb 23, 2022

By Marie Ekeland for 2050.

At 2050, we believe that aligned companies will be the backbone of the new economy : discover why we selected Sweep in 5 points.

Climate change is arguably the greatest threat to humanity. Sweep is a solution oriented company that can have a great impact on business because its software :

  1. Decentralizes carbon emissions reporting within companies
  2. Collects and processes data in real time
  3. Makes it simple !

Mission-driven remarkable team of founders with complementary skills : business development (Rachel Delacour) + data analysis and software design (Nicolas Raspal, Yannick Chaze, Raphael Gueller, ex-BIME and ZenDesk) + carbon expertise (Renaud Bettin, ex-Carbon4). 2050 is definitely chosen by the best serial entrepreneurs

Sweep founders

No green washing : Sweep combines corporate carbon footprint measurement & carbon credits marketplace. Knowing that compensation can be tricky and counterproductive, Sweep will select projects that participate to the systemic carbon-neutral transition we need.

Aligned company by design. Sweep is incorporated as a B-Corp company and has made strong commitments to align its business model with the interest of the planet and the society. 2050 will be part of the Board & Impact Committee to support Sweep in its sustainable journey.

Sweep’s marketplace is 100% in line with what 2050 identifies to be the levers of the agri-food sector’s fertile mutation : new business models for farmers through carbon finance; agro-ecology & agro-forestry !




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